Cat Soup

Izzy and Chatty in the lounge

‘I hate the noise of the vacuum cleaner, that’s why I’m hiding behind the curtain,’ says Izzy Cat.

‘I ignore it. Now be quiet. I need to concentrate and watch the seagulls in my garden-room,’ says Chatty Cat.

‘It’s my garden-room as well. I am living here you know,’ says Izzy Cat.

‘I know. I know. Ssssh!’ says Chatty Cat.

‘I’m going out for a walk, Izzy Cat. You coming?’ says Chatty Cat.

‘No. I’ll watch you through the cat flap,’ says Izzy Cat.

Izzy looking out through cat flap and watching Chatty

I walk down the path and jump up onto the bin.

Chatty on bin ~in circular shape

Soon I hear shehooman Jade calling me for ‘Feed-Me-Time.’ I jump down and run up the path, into the house and into the kitchen.

And look what was on my feeding mat. Soup. Not hooman soup but soup for cats. It’s chicken with vegetables.

Cat soup1~19th July 2018

It smells lovely and I eat it quickly. Izzy Cat eats slower than me and I go over to her to see if she wants me to finish her soup for her. She doesn’t.

I hope we have it again. It was really nice.

I run up the stairs to see what Izzy Cat is doing. Oh look, she’s got my new book-Chatty Cat: Autumn into Winter.

Izzy with Chatty cat book 5

I now have five books out in the Chatty Cat book series and if you would like to                  purr-chase a copy or two please go to Suzan Collins’ Amazon page

Chatty Cat books rebranded~July 2018

Night everyone xx

Chatty and Izzy on the bed

Chatty Cat                         Izzy Cat


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Have you seen it?

Clancy Chatty Izzy

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My shehooman is talking to Jo Lambert

My shehooman Jade aka Suzan Collins is talking to Jo Lambert today about me and a little bit about my #catlodger Izzy Cat. Grab a saucer of milk and come and join us.

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Raising money for good causes 2017

Sorting the paperwork 1

I’m busy sorting out the paperwork and my shehooman has asked me to say,  ‘Thank you to everyone who bid to have their pet or child named in Chatty Cat book 5 and raise money for Grenfell Towers, London. The winner, Nathaniel Banks, will be featured in my book (book 5) ‘Chatty Cat: Autumn into Winter’ and it will be out before Christmas.’

And now it’s my time to tell you something, from me, not shehooman,

Have I told you that I have a rescue cat living me? Her name is Izzy Cat aka #catlodger and she was rescued by Cat’s Protection. There is a little bit of her in my book and… she will be having her first book written by our shehooman out soon and…you can bid to have the name of a pet or relative named in this first book. The auction has started and here is the link if you wish to bid

Izzy Cat was very scared when she moved in, she’s still nervous but not as scared as she was. Given time I know she will be okay. I just wish she would stop playing with the end of my tail.

On the office floor looking up at the camera~August 2017

If you would like to follow Izzy Cat and me here are our contact thingys:

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“BANG! BANG! BANG! We jump up into the air and when our paws land back onto the grass we look at each other. Our eyes wide and scared. Are we in danger?


Fireworks can be pretty to watch but can also be dangerous and scary. Childhoomans shouldn’t touch fireworks and only adulthoomans who know what to do and who read the instructions should handle them, says Clancy Cat.”

In Cat Court…

I call Mrs. Shehooman to the stand.

‘Mrs Sheooman. On the 14th September 2017 your son was letting off fireworks,’ Judge Clancy Cat says.

‘Yes your honour,’ Says Mrs. Shehooman.

‘And the fireworks were so loud they scared the cats and Bert the Parrot,’

‘Sorry your honour,’

‘Many people and animals, including us cats, like seeing the lovely colours of the fireworks but don’t like the loud bangs, whistles and screeches they make. They can be really frightening. Why don’t you tell your son about the low level noise fireworks? Still the same display, colours and fun and not so loud.’

Hoomans must do the following:

  • Keep your animals indoors. If you cannot get your cat in and you have a shed leave the door open wedged open so your cat can go in there instead of running away. Make sure you wedge the door open because we don’t want animals getting caught in sheds by the doors closing.
  • Walk the dog early
  • If you have a horse will s/he be safe?
  • Get a litter tray for your cat/s if you don’t normally have one
  • Use the Feliway (or Pet Rescue) plug in or spray
  • Close the curtains
  • Play and distract your animal (prefurr-ably with treats).

Check your garden – room the next morning for used fireworks before your animal goes out. We don’t want them eating the fireworks, they are very dangerous (even after they have gone off).”

Extract from forthcoming book ‘Chatty Cat: Autumn into Winter) book 5 in the Chatty Cat series.

Thank you #ChattyCat

1st Oct 2014~in the airing cupboard

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Thank you

Message from my Shehooman…

Thank you to everyone who bid to have their pet or child named in Chatty Cat book 5 and raise money for Grenfell Towers, London.

Bid put on CC blogs 30th June 2017


HOWEVER… if you would like to bid to have your pet or child named in a future Chatty Cat book and raise money for charity please email us at

 Four book covers

Coming soon:

Book 5 in the Chatty Cat series:

Title: Chatty Cat: Autumn into Winter

ISBN:  978-0-9934934-8-5

My Shehooman writes fiction, non-fiction, children and adult. If you would like to view all of my Shehooman’s books click here

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Hey hoomans…

Message re hot weather


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