After breakfast I went into the garden room to go to the toilet. I’ve started going a toilet near to the new lavender bush.


I squated down on the mud ready to go a toilet but there was a little breeze so I ran into the house and used the litter tray. Well, why would I stay outside and poop and get air up my bum when I can go in the house and keep my bum safe?!

I played quite a bit with the leaves and watched Shehooman1 do some gardening. I watched her dig up the piece by the tree. And when she had done it I went over to it, scrapped the soft mud a bit with my claws and then squated and went a toilet. It’s a nice large toilet. Wonder if she’s going to make me a little den and put a roof and sides on the soft mud so I have a shelter, and privacy, for when I go to the toilet. Also, I don’t want to get wet if its raining.

New toilet

This afternoon I climbed the tree in the garden room. Luckily its a small one. I bet Shehooman1 would like a taller tree so when I get stuck up it she can call the Hehoomans who will come and get me back down.


I’ve just scratched my claws on this tree, it felt soooooooo good.

Now time to play. Byeeeee!

Doing the garden~March 9th 2014

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