The Garden Room

Sorry for not being on here for a while. I’ve been sunning myself in the window.

In the  office~ April 2014

I’ve also been out a lot in the garden room, enjoying the sunshine. Sometimes it gets a bit windy and when the breeze passes my bum I run inside.

I start by sunning myself by the door and as the sun goes down the garden I move down the garden. Sometimes, I can just about get my back warm if I squeeze by the gate and catch the last bit of the sun before it goes round to the front of the house.

When this happens I walk through the house and go out of the kitchen window and sit on the bench. It’s a lovely sun trap there.In the grass~19th April 2014

The grass has grown and I have been liking it as it hides me and I can pretend I’m in the forest. In garden~her patch~21st April 2014

Shehooman got the mower out today and tidied the garden room. Fortunately, she’s left a patch of long grass for me to play in. Whoop! Whoop!

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