A box and an ape

Last week this box arrived and my shehooman was really excited. She took out the thing in it and left the box there. I don’t know why, she knows I do not like cardboard boxes. I know, I know that all cats like cardboard boxes but this cat, aka Chatty Cat, does not.

Cardboard box1

Shehooman put it out in the garden-room and then I had a thought. I could hire it out to my furry friends but how much could I charge? 10 minutes for two treats or 10 treats? What do you think?

Cardboard box2

This is the inside and the box looks like a bit of a hooman coffin doesn’t it? And if you look through to the back of the box you’ll see something. Can you see it?

Cardboard box3

Shehooman pulled it out and it’s that bubbly stuff that hoomans like to pop. So I had a thought. When a furry rents the box from me it can give me extra treats for a bit of bubbly for their hoomans. Simples.

Later my shehooman goes out and comes back on her bike with an ape on the back.

Ape on the bike

Me looking at the ape

I ask him, ‘Where you going to sleep? In the cat den?’ But he doesn’t answer me. I then ask him if he wants to hire my cardboard box and he still doesn’t answer me. So I pull my ears back and bite him on the nose and run away.

Later I hear shehooman telling the telephone that she is going to use the ape for ‘Guess the name of the ape’ at the Memory Walk to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Still don’t know where he’s going to sleep tonight, do you?

Bye fur now

Chatty Cat

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