A purr~fect day

Happy Easter 2017~1So, you hoomans will be eating lots of chocolate and if you celebrate Easter you’ll be celebrating Easter. Bank holiday means that more hoomans will not be working on Bank Holiday Monday and so there will be more hoomans on the pavements. I don’t really mind hoomans walking on the pavements but purr-lease make sure you leave enough room for us cats, and the birds and the insects and the worms, are worms insects? Mn. I will have to ask Shehooman. Oh and the dogs, don’t forget the dogs they need  a lot of room.

Did I tell you that we have  a lodger? Her name’s Izzy Cat and she was found by shehooman Tina. Shehooman Tina contacted Cats Protection and they took her in. Then shehooman Delphine said she might like to move in here. I think she came in October  and she hasn’t left yet. She eats the food I leave for later and sometimes sticks her paw out and trips me up.

Having a night in

Izzy Cat is 8 years old. I don’t know how old that is but it must be older than me because I’m 6 or 9 years old. Not as old as Izzy Cat.


Whilst I’m sorting out the paperwork Izzy Cat likes to play football, especially with a golf ball and its really noisy.

Chatty and Izzy in the garden~room April 2017

Its #sardinesaturday today and after we had our lunch we went into the garden-room. Look Izzy Cat is trying to colour her belly!

Psst! Don’t tell anyone but sometimes we have #sardinesaturday on #fishfriday as Izzy Cat needs the oil for her tummy to get going. I don’t know where it goes but shehooman is happy when it goes.

Chatty and Izzy April 2017

We were enjoying the sunshine. I was in the garden-room and Izzy Cat was lying on the mat. Then a cloud come over so we ran inside. I hope no ones cooking in the sky, I don’t like thunder.

Saucepans in the sky

And now we’re pretending to be asleep on the bed.

Chatty sleeping


Led on bed with the remote

Yesterday I was on The Beach Radio with presenter Kate McCabe. Well I wasn’t actually on there because my Catvan was in the garage being mended but she did talk about me.

You must listen tomorrow morning (Sunday) to The Beach Radio between 11.30/40 am.
Kate will have a new feature which was inspired by me #ChattyCat and #AlbertThePug #PetShoutOuts
Listen live by clicking here http://www.thebeach.co.uk/

Until next time.

Love, Chatty Cat x

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2 Responses to A purr~fect day

  1. katie Phillips says:

    What an amazing little story loved reading it…Thank you x

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