“BANG! BANG! BANG! We jump up into the air and when our paws land back onto the grass we look at each other. Our eyes wide and scared. Are we in danger?


Fireworks can be pretty to watch but can also be dangerous and scary. Childhoomans shouldn’t touch fireworks and only adulthoomans who know what to do and who read the instructions should handle them, says Clancy Cat.”

In Cat Court…

I call Mrs. Shehooman to the stand.

‘Mrs Sheooman. On the 14th September 2017 your son was letting off fireworks,’ Judge Clancy Cat says.

‘Yes your honour,’ Says Mrs. Shehooman.

‘And the fireworks were so loud they scared the cats and Bert the Parrot,’

‘Sorry your honour,’

‘Many people and animals, including us cats, like seeing the lovely colours of the fireworks but don’t like the loud bangs, whistles and screeches they make. They can be really frightening. Why don’t you tell your son about the low level noise fireworks? Still the same display, colours and fun and not so loud.’

Hoomans must do the following:

  • Keep your animals indoors. If you cannot get your cat in and you have a shed leave the door open wedged open so your cat can go in there instead of running away. Make sure you wedge the door open because we don’t want animals getting caught in sheds by the doors closing.
  • Walk the dog early
  • If you have a horse will s/he be safe?
  • Get a litter tray for your cat/s if you don’t normally have one
  • Use the Feliway (or Pet Rescue) plug in or spray
  • Close the curtains
  • Play and distract your animal (prefurr-ably with treats).

Check your garden – room the next morning for used fireworks before your animal goes out. We don’t want them eating the fireworks, they are very dangerous (even after they have gone off).”

Extract from forthcoming book ‘Chatty Cat: Autumn into Winter) book 5 in the Chatty Cat series.

Thank you #ChattyCat

1st Oct 2014~in the airing cupboard

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