Cat Soup

Izzy and Chatty in the lounge

‘I hate the noise of the vacuum cleaner, that’s why I’m hiding behind the curtain,’ says Izzy Cat.

‘I ignore it. Now be quiet. I need to concentrate and watch the seagulls in my garden-room,’ says Chatty Cat.

‘It’s my garden-room as well. I am living here you know,’ says Izzy Cat.

‘I know. I know. Ssssh!’ says Chatty Cat.

‘I’m going out for a walk, Izzy Cat. You coming?’ says Chatty Cat.

‘No. I’ll watch you through the cat flap,’ says Izzy Cat.

Izzy looking out through cat flap and watching Chatty

I walk down the path and jump up onto the bin.

Chatty on bin ~in circular shape

Soon I hear shehooman Jade calling me for ‘Feed-Me-Time.’ I jump down and run up the path, into the house and into the kitchen.

And look what was on my feeding mat. Soup. Not hooman soup but soup for cats. It’s chicken with vegetables.

Cat soup1~19th July 2018

It smells lovely and I eat it quickly. Izzy Cat eats slower than me and I go over to her to see if she wants me to finish her soup for her. She doesn’t.

I hope we have it again. It was really nice.

I run up the stairs to see what Izzy Cat is doing. Oh look, she’s got my new book-Chatty Cat: Autumn into Winter.

Izzy with Chatty cat book 5

I now have five books out in the Chatty Cat book series and if you would like to                  purr-chase a copy or two please go to Suzan Collins’ Amazon page

Chatty Cat books rebranded~July 2018

Night everyone xx

Chatty and Izzy on the bed

Chatty Cat                         Izzy Cat


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