Found this Ad on Facebook …

‘Nocat – Wooden drop leaf table with 4 chairs, you can have it as a round table or put o…’
I’ve told Shehooman not to buy this table as I won’t be able to sit on it.
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#Straycat was here again.

I saw #Straycat sleeping in my garden-room at 4.15am. He hanged around all day and his Hehooman told my Shehooman that he eventually got back to his own house at 10.30pm.

#Straycat’s journey over to my house.

21st August 2015~1    21st August 2015~2

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Data from #Straycat’s GPS Tracker

#Straycat’s journey from his house to mine. He wasn’t fed when he came and he didn’t stay long in my garden-room after I stared at him for a long time and he gave me verbals and he went. Later that night at about 11pm he arrived back home at his own house.

Gizmos journey from his house to ours~July 2015

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Say hello to Stray Cat

This is Stray Cat

Walking up the path~May 2015  Gizmo with a tracker

Straycat is the nickname I have given this lovely cat. He is my ex-neighbours cat. When they moved they took him with them and every time he finds his way back here one of his owners comes and picks him up. On average he comes back here 5 weeks or so after he’s been taken home. He is very happy in his new home but also likes to come here. I brought this Cat-Den for Chatty Cat (just in case one day she was out and it rained and I was out, as well). I also thought that Straycat could use it too. I knew that Straycat couldn’t come and live here, not only does his owners love him dearly but also Chatty Cat gets stressed if there is another cat around.

Cat house~10th May 2015 Asleep in the cat den~6th July 2015

The owner bought a GPS tracking device and placed it on Straycat’s collar. His last journey over to my house was tracked. Look at the pic, he travelled some miles from his house (A) to mine (B). Sensible cat, he stuck to the paths.


Chatty and Gizmo~12th July 2015

Straycat and Chatty Cat, I’m sure they’re conversing telepathically!

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One day book promo

I hope you will join me next weekend on Facebook. It’s a one day promo for my latest Chatty Cat book!

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For those of you who have read this book you’ll know about Chatty Cat and the collar tree. She’s now been twice and I guess she was feeling quite confident until … I came home the other night and someone had pushed one of the collars through the door.

Sheooman (aka Jade) 1 Chatty Cat 0.


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I tried …

I tried to open the door today. Look!

Trying to open the door~25th March 2015

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Collar Tree

Well, I’ve had my new collar for sometime now and guess what I did today? I visited the collar tree! And guess what I did next…?

Collar tree

Chatty Cat 1 Shehooman 0

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No, I didn’t see …

No I didn't see the thing in the sky I was sleeping

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Amazon 5* review of the new book-Chatty Cat: Spring into Summer

Amazon 5* review of the new book-Chatty Cat: Spring into Summer

Can almost hear Chatty Cat telling her story

The next instalment of a lady who adopts a stray cat and how they spend their days together. Again just like the first book written by Suzan this book is filled with everything you should know before taking on a kitten or a fully grown cat. So much information from Suzan and also from Chatty Cat’s point of view. A must read for all ages whether you have a kitten/cat or are thinking of owning one or rather them owning you! Sit back and enjoy the story and the sketches and photographs , you will be thrilled.


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