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My shehooman is talking to Jo Lambert

My shehooman Jade aka Suzan Collins is talking to Jo Lambert today about me and a little bit about my #catlodger Izzy Cat. Grab a saucer of milk and come and join us.  https://jolambertwriter.blog/2018/02/13/today-tuesday-talk-welcomes-suzan-collins-discussing-the-inspiration-behind-the-chatty-cat-series-and-her-latest-writing-project/

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“BANG! BANG! BANG! We jump up into the air and when our paws land back onto the grass we look at each other. Our eyes wide and scared. Are we in danger? Fireworks can be pretty to watch but can … Continue reading

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Hey hoomans…


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A box and an ape

Last week this box arrived and my shehooman was really excited. She took out the thing in it and left the box there. I don’t know why, she knows I do not like cardboard boxes. I know, I know that … Continue reading

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Hello from me, Chatty Cat

This was me yesterday, in the sunshine in my garden-room. And even though it was Fish-Friday I didn’t get any fish to eat. I wonder if it’s Fish-Friday again today. Mn. The sun switch isn’t on today. I did meow … Continue reading

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In Prison…

I was in prison on Friday, don’t know what was worse Shehooman’s driving or the £46.00 she had to pay for my bail. I’ve got an allergy and I’m on steroids, luckily tablets, no needles.    

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It’s Monday tomorrow …

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Say hello to Stray Cat

This is Stray Cat   Straycat is the nickname I have given this lovely cat. He is my ex-neighbours cat. When they moved they took him with them and every time he finds his way back here one of his … Continue reading

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Collar Tree

Well, I’ve had my new collar for sometime now and guess what I did today? I visited the collar tree! And guess what I did next…? Chatty Cat 1 Shehooman 0

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No, I didn’t see …

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