Hello hoomans

I’ve just finished playing ball on the stairs and am now listening to my shehooman tell the telephone that she’ll be glad when this lockdown ends as there’s nowhere to eat outside. She could eat out in my garden-room but she wants to eat in a restaurant. Some hoomans are never satisfied!

I don’t mind where I eat as long as I am given lots of food. Izzy Cat aka #Catlodger prefers to eat in the kitchen. She is so fussy!

I am thankful to all the lorry drivers taking my food to the shops and for the staff in the shops who are working during this lockdown to keep me fed.

The cat burglar’s owner offered to pay for a new one which is now fixed in the door. I’m glad it’s there. Today is a lovely Spring day, the sun switch is on and I keep going in and out. The Spring or Summer sun switch is not properly on yet, not warm enough for me to want to stay out there for long periods.

I need to go now and think about what’s for tea. It’s #fishfriday so it should be some kind of fish. Actually, I’d like some cod for my next meal.

#staysafe everyone.

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