Raising money for good causes 2017

Sorting the paperwork 1

I’m busy sorting out the paperwork and my shehooman has asked me to say,  ‘Thank you to everyone who bid to have their pet or child named in Chatty Cat book 5 and raise money for Grenfell Towers, London. The winner, Nathaniel Banks, will be featured in my book (book 5) ‘Chatty Cat: Autumn into Winter’ and it will be out before Christmas.’

And now it’s my time to tell you something, from me, not shehooman,

Have I told you that I have a rescue cat living me? Her name is Izzy Cat aka #catlodger and she was rescued by Cat’s Protection. There is a little bit of her in my book and… she will be having her first book written by our shehooman out soon and…you can bid to have the name of a pet or relative named in this first book. The auction has started and here is the link if you wish to bid  https://www.facebook.com/Auction-to-have-your-pet-or-relative-named-in-my-Izzy-Cat-book-1635423019849832/

Izzy Cat was very scared when she moved in, she’s still nervous but not as scared as she was. Given time I know she will be okay. I just wish she would stop playing with the end of my tail.

On the office floor looking up at the camera~August 2017

If you would like to follow Izzy Cat and me here are our contact thingys:




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2 Responses to Raising money for good causes 2017

  1. She’s a beautiful cat.

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